What Is F.A.T. Camp?

At F.A.T. Camp, our mission is to radicalize our relationships with our fat bodies by creating community space in which we share our experiences, struggles and triumphs. By coming together collectively to explore practical, everyday tactics in the fight against diet culture, and anti fat bias, we naturally shift beyond mere “body pos” or “fat accepting” to full-on, pro-adipose, Fat Affirmative. Four days, three nights at beautiful Camp Lane outside of Eugene, Oregon. The weekend includes lodging in rustic bunks(or your own tent!), gourmet hearty meals, big ol’ crowd of fatty fat friends, and the entire campground to our fat selves in beautiful Walton, Oregon!

By fats, for fats, centering the experiences of the fattest amongst us.

To create the most fat affirmative, and radical fat space possible, there will be absolutely NO diet talk or weight-loss glorification allowed at camp.

Everyone who reserves their spot at Fat Affirmative Tactical Camp will have access to the private attendees-only Facebook group. There, we’ll collaborate on some of the programming details to ensure maximum fatness, and well-being. There will be many opportunities to lead, and participate in conversational, casual, fat-centric workshops. Jonnie & Mack have a couple options to offer to get the ball rolling. We’ll finalize our line up by majority vote, as capacity and resources allow.

Camp Lane - 15761 Hwy. 126, Walton, OR 97490

The 15 acres that make up Camp Lane are located in the picturesque Siuslaw National Forest area in the heart of the Coastal Mountains. It is 42 miles west of Eugene and 23 miles east of Florence on Highway 126.

We encourage folks coming from out of state to fly into the Eugene airport.
We will have details about airport to camp transportation options coming soon!

Finding Camp Lane - Click Here For Map + Directions
F.A.T. Camp would like to acknowledge The Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw, on whose stolen land we will be holding our camp. We recognize that colonialism is violence, and that rejecting the violence of ongoing colonialism, and engaging in anti-colonial actions is critical to our work as fat activists.

What's included in the F.A.T. Camp Package?

  • Access to the F. A. T. Camp Facebook group to meet your fellow campers beforehand
  • 2 hot hearty meals, and a freshly made sack lunch, with snacks + beverages available each day
  • Camp t-shirt
  • Welcome zine with general rules, schedule, and common language glossary
  • Participation in all workshops, discussions, and activities
    • Includes:
      • Camper guided workshops & discussion panels
      • Crafts!
      • Outdoor movie night!
      • Afternoon beach trip to Florence, OR (space is limited to available car seats)
      • All- Fat Schoolyard Tournament! Tetherball, four square, two square, and ???!
      • The un-Talent Show, and Goodbye Party!
  • Lodging in rustic campground cabin bunks, or your own tent!!
  • All campground amenities! Private riverfront beach, horseshoes, tetherball, and more!
  • Access to The Fat Snack Shack, for all your extra tasty snack+beverage needs, as well as a small selection of self care products, and products especially designed for fat bodies (seatbelt extenders, chub rub creams, pro fat merch, etc) All proceeds will go to a queer youth organization here in Portland, Oregon.
Fat Affirmative Tactic #1
Eat however much you fucking want!

F.A.T. Camp recognizes, and honors the radical act of fat people eating together, and creating community around food, without fear or judgement.

All meals will be communal, made fresh by a culinary professional, and all-you-can-eat! (or until we run out!) We'll have snacks, tea, and fruited water available everyday. And we'll finish each day with deluxe s'mores, and a freshly made dessert.
Fat Affirmative Tactic #2
Take up as much space as you fucking want!

F.A.T. Camp aims to create a community that allows each fat body to take up space in its own unique way. Feel free to participate in group activities as much, or as little as you're comfortable with.

All workshops, and activities are curated by campers, and attendance is always optional. We encourage folks to enjoy a nap on our private, riverfront beach, or play a leisurely game of horseshoes with new fat friends.

Lodging & Accessibility

Camp features several lodging options, with varying levels of accessibility and creature comforts, but please remember that this is a very rustic camp experience, and all beds will be either wooden, twin double bunk, or metal twin single bunk beds.

With that in mind, our rad, rustic lodging options are:

  • A-Frame: Sleeps 34, on two wooden twin double bunks, and approximately 30 metal twin single bunks split between 4 rooms. The building is heated, with two communal bathrooms, and electrical outlets available on the first floor.
  • Tree Houses: There are 5 tree house buildings (Squirrel, Opossum, Raccoon, Porcupine, Owl), which sleep a total of 48. The Squirrel and Opossum buildings sleep 9, on wooden triple bunks, and are enclosed with doors. The Opossum building also has a ramp for accessibility. The Raccoon and Porcupine buildings have 12 wooden triple bunks each but include an open breezeway. The Owl building sleeps 6, on two wooden double bunks, and a loft area that sleeps 2, but requires climbing a ladder.
  • Yurt: Sleeps 14, on 6 wooden twin double bunks, as well as 2 metal twin single bunks. The building features a long ramp with a very low slope, and a 1” lip.
  • Adirondack: A unique three-sided shelter that opens onto a fire pit, and sleeps 14 on wooden double bunks.
  • Tents: There are two large, flat lawns reserved for a limited number of tent campers. Those choosing this option will receive $40 off their camp reservation, but please note that you are required to provide your own tent, and you will not be assigned a bunk.    

No specific type of bunk is guaranteed! When registering please include any accessibility needs you may have in the Special Notes section, and we will do our best to make accommodations. There will also be a Camper Questionnaire going out July 1st which will cover several things such as preferred sleeping arrangements, and potential workshop/discussion topics.

The camp features several wheelchair/mobility device accessible buildings with ramps of varying sizes and slopes, including:

  • The Lodge (dining hall, main communal space) -  approximate slope of about 2:12, and roughly a ¾” lip (insert picture)
  • Both detached restrooms - toilet area is large, and easily accessible, but there’s two narrow doorways between the showers and toilets, so the showers are not accessible. There’s roughly a ½” lip getting into the restroom.

We’ll do our best to make the camp as accessible as possible, but please remember this is *very* rustic camping. There are no paved paths between buildings, most paths are gravel or grass fields, so be prepared for off-roading! Doorway measurements soon!

Volunteer + Scholarship Opportunities

F.A.T. Camp Facilitators

Meet the folks responsible for making F.A.T. Camp possible!
Mack Ipox
Mack Ipox

Co-Facilitator & Camp Fun Manager

Jonnie Shaver
Jonnie Shaver

Co-Facilitator & Camp Chef

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